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Authentic Weather app for iPhone and iPad

4.6 ( 7776 ratings )
Developer: les Avignons
1.99 USD
Current version: 4.2, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 15 Jun 2013
App size: 26.2 Mb

One smile at a time plus accurate weather information.

Authentic Weather app is original human & honest weather app out there. Look outside and let Authentic Weather tell you what it really thinks. Use the camera mode (swipe right) to snap a picture of the weather and share it with your friends.

- Fresh new weather phrases are added on a regular basis, so always check back.
- Weather phrases change with the weather, your location, the day or even the daily news.
Always a surprise, so make sure to check the weather daily.

Pros and cons of Authentic Weather app for iPhone and iPad

Authentic Weather app good for

The best weather app, seriously, it totally changed the way I check the weather. Definitely worth it.
This is a very fun app, but it needs a bit more variety. Plus, I have a suggestion: maybe there should be some sort of preference for what kind of weather you prefer. The app telling me that its so hot when its only 82 seems unreasonable. Maybe we should be able to select what kind of weather, generally, we like. I prefer heat, so 82° is not that hot to me. Maybe also some sort of perspective in terms of time of year? 65° might be really nice in April but really cool in July. Etc. (Also: ugly app icon!)
Where did that cat go???? Ill add a star if that cat is back!
The interface is the opposite of most weather apps and very pleasing. Focus on what the weather is now which is the most important. Love how the temperatures climb to the right one. Wish you guys designed all my practical apps. Bravo!
Great app! The interface is simple and functional and the weather phrases are awesome! There should be more phrases in every update! =)
Its a great app can really tighten up your mood ^^ If it gets an update and more effects Id give it 7 stars "But dont shake your Phone" :D

Some bad moments

The idea of this app is AWESOME. But maybe being able to configure when temps are extreme would be cool. 1 degree Celsius shouldnt be treated the same as -40. And 1 degree isnt all that cold relative to winters where I am.
The app is telling me that its currently raining and crappy outside. Even says 100% chance of rain. There isnt a cloud in the sky and no forecast of rain for days. It would be an okay app if they got the weather part right.
After I finish this review I will be deleting this app. I dont look at it every day, but when I do I alway enjoy the crass and lighthearted humor it brings to a check if the weather. However, this evening when I checked the widget it read, "nice day for a nap in the park, if you a hobo." Mocking or making light of someones economic/shelter insecurity just isnt something Im down with.
Last update was almost a year ago. Its 55° here and the app says 92.
I used to love this app. Love it. Now every time I open it is says it 72 and the high is 97. (Its currently 41). It also refuses to allow me to add another location.
Lets put it this way: my app has said for the last 6 months its 78 degrees out and sunny. Its December. In America. Trust me, its not 78 degrees and sunny.

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